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About Telford Business School

Pioneering Accelerated Degrees and Advanced Entry Programmes

Telford Business School is a pioneer in offering accelerated degrees and advanced entry programmes. These unique pathways are designed for ambitious individuals who seek to fast-track their education and career. By acknowledging prior learning and experience, we provide an expedited route to academic and professional advancement.

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Telford Business School is a registered UK Learner provider with UKPRN: 10091026.

We are accredited by the Ofqual regulated organisation, Qualifi, to deliver Ofqual regulated diploma  programmes listed on the UK government's Register of Regulated Qualifications. We are also an accredited CPD Provider offering accredited Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses.

Our degree programmes are awarded by University of Gloucestershire through our partnership with IDM, International and Vern University, Croatia, through our partnership with IBES.  

Our executive training programmes are internally awarded and devised and delivered by our seasoned and expert faculty of doctorate degree holders.


Our experienced faculty members have years of experience in both academia and the business world. They bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our programmes.

Our Relationships

At Telford Business School, we value relationships with our students, faculty, partners, and alumni. We believe that strong relationships are key to success in the business world.

Meet Our Principal


I'm delighted to welcome you to Telford Business School. As the principal, I am deeply committed to guiding and supporting the next generation of business leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs. At our school, we adopt a practical and dynamic approach to business education, offering a small range of Ofqual regulated qualifications and selected university degrees from both the UK and internationally, available at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

At Telford Business School, we maintain high academic standards and create a nurturing environment that supports each student’s growth. We value critical thinking, entrepreneurial skills, and innovation, and we’re excited to help you develop these qualities.

I invite you to explore our programs and start your journey with us. Together, we’ll work towards transforming your future in the business world. Your ambition and our passion for excellence are the perfect match.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Dr Claire Leighton, EdD, MBA

Principal, Telford Business School

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